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Here's a chilling fact: anyone can buy a bump key online for under $10. Bump keys are special keys that can force open multiple locks -- including yours. If you put a bump key in a lock and hit (or ‘bump’) it just right with a hammer, the lock will open. No legitimate key necessary. Locksmiths have used this trick for years to open locks for their customers, but when burglars and thieves learned how to use bump keys, they became a genuine security problem.

In Houston, your odds of becoming a victim of property theft are already 1 in 15. You have every reason to be concerned. The good news is that lock manufacturers have now designed bump resistant and bump proof locks. Some of these new locks have trap pins to catch illegitimate keys; others have programmable side bars rather than the top pins that make bumping possible. Still others feature shallow drilling. All of these are effective countermeasures against bump keys.

Bump proof locks come in a wide ranges of types, sizes, and price points. Because bump key proof locks require a lock change, Pop-A-Lock also offers less expensive alternatives, such as a special type of lock rekey that will provide resistance to bumping. Our licensed and trained technicians can explain your options, examine your existing locks for vulnerability to bumping, and find the right bump proof or bump resistant lock solution for you. As longtime residential locksmiths, we know from experience which locks are hardest to bump. Call us today at (713) 722-0060.

Call Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Houston Texas if you want the lowest prices in town!

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