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Real Locksmiths Check ID

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 by Jennifer

When you ask Pop-A-Lock Houston to open a locked door, we have a responsibility to make sure that we only let in people who are allowed to be in. Otherwise, we might be helping someone break in to your car or home! Reputable locksmiths require ID before they’ll pop your lock. It’s actually a good sign that you’re not dealing with a scammer if they check for ID. Positive ID is required by Texas law.

The forms of ID that locksmiths ask for differ a little depending on the circumstance. If you are locked out of your house, we need an ID with a matching address. That can be a driver’s license or a bill with your name and current address on it. If you’re locked out of the car, we ask to see your ID and cross check it with your title or insurance card.

What happens if you’re locked out without any ID? This happens fairly often. There are a number of ways we can verify your identity enough to justify opening your door, such as through talking to your neighbors. If it’s a plausible circumstance, we will unlock your door and then immediately ask to see ID. If a story doesn’t add up, we lock the door again and let the authorities know.

Although digging out ID might seem like a hassle when you just want to get back in, it’s Pop-A-Lock’s way of making sure that your home and car stay safe.

Do you need a locksmith in Houston now? Give us a call at 713-722-0060 for fast, reliable, and affordable service.

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Is Your Key Stuck in the Lock?

Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by Jennifer

The start of another hectic morning. You’re rushing out the door, get into your car and realize you left your cell phone on the kitchen counter. You run back to the front door, put your key in the lock and it won’t turn. Try as you might, it’s not opening. You know it’s been “acting up” for a bit now. You’ve had to jiggle it more often than not and now you are stuck. You panic as you hear your phone ringing inside, and know that you are going to be late for work and probably miss that important meeting.

This sounds like a horror movie, and it can feel like one if it is happening to you! You can avoid this situation by taking care of your locks as soon as you notice a problem. Little problems are an indication that bigger, more expensive problems are to come. If you notice that your keys are more difficult to turn, or that you need to “play” with it a bit before it will work, that could be an indication that your key or the parts inside of your lock are wearing down. If not addressed, you could one day find yourself locked out of the house!

Hopefully, you will take care of things before they get this extreme. Getting locked out of your home is a frustrating and stressful situation. Pop-A-Lock Houston is here to help. Our highly trained residential locksmiths will come to your location, get you into your home and rekey your lock back to its original condition.

Here are some things that you can do to prevent getting your key stuck in the lock:

1. Your keys pick up a lot of dirt, dust and grime. Over time, all of that eventually gets transferred into the parts inside of your lock. This can affect the proper operation of your lock if not addressed. Maintain your locks by lubricating them twice a year with a silicone based lubricant.

2. If you notice that your key is more difficult to turn, or that you need to “play” with it a bit before it will work, that could be an indication that your key or the parts inside of your lock are wearing down. Having Pop-A-Lock rekey the locks will solve this problem.

3. If you put your key in the lock and it just spins, you have a different situation. That would indicate that pieces of your lock have broken off and though you have the key, the bolt or latch will no longer respond. More extreme measures like drilling the lock may be necessary. If your lock cannot be successfully repaired, it is recommended that you replace it with a new, higher quality lock.

Taking care of these issues now will save you time and money down the road. Pop-A-Lock Houston is a full service mobile locksmith. We always come to your location at a time that is convenient for you. In addition to rekeys, we also install a wide variety of residential hardware.

Pop-A-Lock is here to provide you with professional and courteous service. Please call us today at 713-722-0060 and let us know how we may serve you.

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