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Real Locksmiths Check ID

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 by Jennifer

When you ask Pop-A-Lock Houston to open a locked door, we have a responsibility to make sure that we only let in people who are allowed to be in. Otherwise, we might be helping someone break in to your car or home! Reputable locksmiths require ID before they’ll pop your lock. It’s actually a good sign that you’re not dealing with a scammer if they check for ID. Positive ID is required by Texas law.

The forms of ID that locksmiths ask for differ a little depending on the circumstance. If you are locked out of your house, we need an ID with a matching address. That can be a driver’s license or a bill with your name and current address on it. If you’re locked out of the car, we ask to see your ID and cross check it with your title or insurance card.

What happens if you’re locked out without any ID? This happens fairly often. There are a number of ways we can verify your identity enough to justify opening your door, such as through talking to your neighbors. If it’s a plausible circumstance, we will unlock your door and then immediately ask to see ID. If a story doesn’t add up, we lock the door again and let the authorities know.

Although digging out ID might seem like a hassle when you just want to get back in, it’s Pop-A-Lock’s way of making sure that your home and car stay safe.

Do you need a locksmith in Houston now? Give us a call at 713-722-0060 for fast, reliable, and affordable service.

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5 Tips to Never Get Locked Out Again

Thursday, March 15th, 2012 by Jennifer

Sure, there are worse things that can happen than getting locked out of your own house, but when you’re already running late or having a rough day, misplacing your keys can be incredibly frustrating. You might have to wait around for a friend or spouse for hours, or worse, accidentally call a scammer locksmith and pay hundreds for a simple door unlock. (Here’s a better solution: put our number — 713-722-0060 — into your phone now so you’ll always have a legitimate Houston locksmith on hand.) However, there are several simple things you can do right now to prevent lockouts in the first place. Read on for our pro tips!

1. Have at least one spare key at all times. If you lose one, get another made right away. This also applies to car keys! (You may also want to consider getting your locks rekeyed if you don’t know who might have your lost key.)

2. Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor who is often at home, like a stay at home mom or retiree, not the jet-setting friend who is likely to be out of town when you get locked out.

3. Keep a spare house key in your purse or wallet. Just tape it in if you don’t have an appropriate space for it.

4. Bury a key in your yard. Burglars check under the door mat and patently fake rocks. Don’t make it so easy for them. Put a key in an empty film canister or other small, watertight container and bury it shallowly — in a potted plant might be easiest to find.

5. Install a keypad or biometric lock. As long as you can remember a PIN (or have fingerprints), you’ll be able to get in.

If you still manage to get locked out, don’t break a window or kick in the door. The repair bills will be much higher than calling a legitimate local locksmith. (Scammer locksmiths are a different story. We’ll show you how to avoid them in our next post.) Pop-A-Lock provides fast, affordable lockout services 24/7 in Houston, so keep our number handy just in case! Free estimates are always available at 713-722-0060.

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith of Houston New Website Is Live!

Friday, July 29th, 2011 by Gaetano

It’s official.  We have just launched the new website for Pop-A-Lock Locksmith of Houston, Texas — the leading Houston Locksmith!  There are many changes from our old website.  First, we’ve captured the flavor of the work we do in the Houston area much better than we did before.  There are a lot more photos and links to places you can go to find more information about us.

As a reminder, we serve the entire Houston area along with the many other communities surrounding our city.

We continue to offer our FREE car lockout service to all residents if a child is locked inside a vehicle.  Believe it or not, we’ve almost done 10,000 emergency door unlocks to date for free.  Find out more about our service on our emergency door unlock page.

Please take a look at our new site.  We’d appreciate hearing your feedback.  If you’re longtime Pop-A-Lock clients here in Houston, please feel free to send us a note, or even better write a nice testimonial for us on one of the review websites.

We look forward to continuing to help the residents of greater Houston.